White Tara Retreat with H.E. Sakya Jetsun Chimey Luding September 1 – 4, 2017

NOTE:  This retreat is currently full and no longer accepting registrations. Please watch this space for more upcoming retreats and special events.

White Tara Retreat with H.E. Sakya Jetsun Chimey Luding: September 1 – 4, 2017


Friday, September 1:
7 PM – White Tara initiation bestowed by H. E. Jetsun Kushok.

Saturday – Monday, September 2-4:
10 AM to Noon – Teaching by H. E. Jetsun Kushok
2 – 5 PM – Review and Guided Meditation by Khenpo Pema Wangdak

This will be a wonderful opportunity for experienced practitioners to deepen their practice and it will give those who would like to start the opportunity to do so. Time with H. E. Jetsun Kushok is precious and retreat space is limited. We encourage you to register as early as possible.  

Retreat Information:

  1. Location: Minnesota Sakya Center,619 8th Street S.E., #112,Minneapolis, MN 55414
  2. Speech within the retreat will follow these guidelines: functional speech only.
  3. Meals: Lunches will be served September 2-4. All meals will be strictly vegetarian. People with food allergies or health conditions should let that be known with your registration and they will be taken into consideration when planning meals.
  4. Lodging: No Lodging provided.

Cost (This retreat is currently full; we are no longer accepting new registration payments):

$250 (Non-Member), $200 (Member)
(included are Sadhanas, tea, snacks, meals, tuition and honorariums)
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Registration is closed as this retreat is now full. If you have paid 50% in an accepted registration, you may use the buttons below for the balance. The balance of the amount is due on or before August 25, 2017.

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100% refund up to August 1; through August 25, total fees less $100; after August 25, no refunds.

Work Study:

Work study is available. Please email: mnsakya@mac.com


mnsakya@mac.com, (612) 801-1540

H.E. Sakya Jetsun Chimey Luding

Her Eminence Sakya Jetsun Chimey Luding Rinpoche, the highest and most thoroughly trained female Buddhist teacher in the West, was born into the Drolma Podrang, or Tara Palace of the Sakya Khon family in 1938, the year of the earth tiger.

She began her dharma studies at the age of five. His Holiness Sakya Trizin was born when she was six years old. According to the tradition in her family, she took novice ordination when she was “old enough to scare crows away” at the age of seven. When she was ten years old, she made her first retreat. She meditated on the form of Vajrapani known as Bhutadamara, and in one month completed one million recitations of the short mantra, HUM VAJRA PHAT, and one hundred thousand recitations of the long mantra. In her eleventh year, her father, Kunga Rinchen, sent her on her first teaching assignment. She spent the fourth through the tenth Tibetan months among the nomads on the northern plains of Tibet, giving transmissions and teachings on Phowa, or transference of consciousness, as well as conducting torma offerings, performing lhasang, or incense offerings, and giving other teachings and empowerments.

The third woman in the history of Tibet to have transmitted the Lam Dre (the Path and Fruit) teachings, a fully accomplished guru and lineage holder, she is known for her teachings on Vajrayogini and is considered an emanation of that yidam of enlightened feminine energy. Please click here for a short biography.