The Heart Sutra

Thus I have heard at one time. As the Blessed One was seated on Vulture’s Peak in Rajagriha with a huge congregation of the exalted community of Bhikshus and Bodhisattvas, he was dwelling in the profound meditation called “Profound Vision.”

At that time, also, the heroic being and Bodhisattva, Arya Avalokitesvara, was reviewing the profound characteristics of the Prajna Paramita and saw the natural voidness of the five aggregates. Then the elder Shariputra, moved by the power of the Buddha, addressed Arya Avalokitesvara with these words, “Noble son! How should one who wishes to perform the profound practice of the Prajna Paramita train themself?” The Great Being, the Bodhisattva Arya Avalokitesvara replied, “Shariputra! A son or daughter of good family who wishes to perform the profound practice of the Prajna Paramita should first rightly see that all aggregates, by their very nature, are void.”

Form is void. Voidness is form. Voidness is not other than form. Nor is form other than voidness. So, too, all feelings, perceptions, impulses, and consciousness are void. 

Shariputra! In the same way all phenomena are devoid of characteristics, unborn, unstopped, undefiled, unpurified, undecreased, and unfilled. Therefore, Shariputra, in voidness there is no form, no feeling, no perception, no impulses, no consciousness, no eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body, no mind, no form, no sound, no smell, no taste, no touch, no dharmas. 

There is no element of eye, no element of mind, and so on through the element of mental consciousness. There is no ignorance, no death, no decay and no elimination of death and decay. So, too, there is no suffering, no origin, no cessation, no path, no wisdom, no attainment, no non-attainment.

Shariputra, because nothing is really attained, all bodhisattvas who have no fear, rely on and dwell in Prajna Paramita for they have no mental obscurations. They are perfectly liberated and have gone completely beyond deception. Relying on the Prajna Paramita, all the Buddhas of the three times are completely enlightened to that unsurpassable, noble, and perfect enlightenment.

Therefore, the mantra of Prajna Paramita, the mantra of great wisdom, the unsurpassable mantra, the mantra equal to the unequalled, the mantra that fully allays all suffering, should, because it is not false, be known as truth. The mantra of Prajna Paramita is spoken thus: 


In this way, Bodhisattvas, great beings, should train in the profound Prajna Paramita.

Then the Blessed One arose from that meditation called “Profound Vision” and spoke to the Bodhisattva, Arya Avalokitesvara: “Well said, Noble Son, well said. It is just so. One should practice the Prajna Paramita as you have taught and all the Tathagatas will rejoice.”

When the Buddha had spoke thus, the elder Shariputra and the Bodhisattva, the great being, Arya Avalokitesvara, together with all that assembly, as well as humans, demi-gods, and gandharvas joyfully praised the worlds of the Blessed One.

*This translation into English of the Heart Sutra was made in 1983 by Venerable Khenpo Pema Wangdak and James Sarzotti at the Jetsun Sakya Center of New York City. By this virtue, may all beings quickly attain enlightenment.

Repelling Verses

Prostrations to the Lama!
Prostrations to the Buddha!
Prostrations to the Dharma!
Prostrations to the Sangha!
Prostrations to the Great Mother, the Perfection of Wisdom!

By relying on the power and strength of prostrating to you, may our words be accomplished.

Just as previously the powerful god Sakra having relied upon the power and strength of reciting the words and contemplating the profound meaning of the Great Mother, the Perfection or Wisdom, repelled Mara and the like, so do we also rely upon the power and strength of reciting the words and contemplating the profound meaning of the Great Mother, the Perfection of Wisdom. Through the truth of the words of the Noble Triple Gem, may all opposing forces, abandonments, and unfavorable conditions for accomplishing the holy Dharma for ourselves and our circle be repelled! (Clap)
May they be destroyed! (Clap)
May they be allayed! (Clap)
May they be thoroughly allayed! (Clap)

(Recite 3 times from beginning)

Through method, refuge, and purification of the pure Mahayana, may the activities of Mara which completely deceive sentient beings be repelled.