Seven-Fold Prayers in Samantabhadra Prayer

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With clarity of body, speech, and mind,
I bow without exception to all the Lions among Men
Of the past, present, and future,
In every world in all the ten directions.

By the power of this Aspiration to Noble Deeds,
I manifest bodies as numerous as all the atoms in all the lands.
Aware in mind of the presence of numberless victorious Buddhas,
And I prostrate to all of them.

I conceive the entire realm of truth
To be completely filled with Enlightened Ones.
There are as many Buddhas as atoms present in each atom,
Each Buddha surrounded by many Bodhisattvas.

I honor all these blissful lords,
Extolling the ocean of their inexhaustible perfections
With an ocean of all melodies and sounds,
And endless praise.

I offer to those heroic Buddhas,
The best flowers, best garlands, best music,
Best ointments, excellent canopies, finest lamps,
And the best incense.

I offer to those heroic Buddhas
The finest robes and best fragrances
And a variety of foods piled as high as Mount Meru,
All perfectly arranged.

By the power of my faith in noble deeds,
I prostrate and present
Vast and unequaled offerings
To each of the victorious Buddhas.

I confess every type of wrong
That I have done
In thought, word, or deed,
Under the influences of desire, anger, or ignorance.

I rejoice in the meritorious deeds
Of all the Buddhas of the ten directions,
The Bodhisattvas, Pratyeka Buddhas, Arhats,
Practitioners, and all sentient beings.

I request all the enlightened protectors,
Who have attained the detachment of Buddhahood,
And illuminate the worlds of the ten directions,
To turn the peerless Wheel of Dharma.

With hands folded, I beseech
Those who intend to manifest the final nirvana
To remain for as many eons as there are atoms in all the Buddha lands,
To gladden and benefit all living beings.

May whatever little virtue I may have gained
From prostrating, offering, confessing,
Rejoicing, requesting, and beseeching,
Be dedicated to attaining perfect enlightenment.

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