21 Tara Praises

Jetsun ma phag ma drol ma la chag tsal lo

Chag tsal drol ma nyur ma pa mo
Chen ni ke chig log dang dra ma
Jig ten sum gon chu kye zhal gyi
Ge zar je wa le ni jung ma

Chag tsal ton kei da wa kun tu
Gang wa gya ni tseg pei zhal ma
Kar ma tong thrag tsog pa nam kyi
Rab tu che wei o rab bar ma

Chag tsal ser ngo chu ne kye kyi
Pe me chag ni nam par gyen ma
Jin pa tson dru ka thub zhi wa
Zot pa sam ten chot yul nyi ma

Chag tsal de zhin sheg pei tsug tor
Ta ye nam par gyal war chot ma
Ma lu pha rol chin pa thob pei
Gyal wei se kyi shin tu ten ma

Chag tsal Tuttare HUM yi ge
Dot dang chog dang nam kha gang ma
Jig ten dun po zhab kyi nen te
Lu pa met par gug par nu ma

Chag tsal gya jin me lha tsang pa
Lung lha na tsog wang chug chot ma
Jung po ro lang dri za nam dang
Not jin tsog kyi dun ne tot ma

Chag tsal Traṭ che ja dang Phaṭ kyi
Pha rol thrul khor rab tu jom ma
Ye kum yon kyang zhab kyi nen te
Me bar thrug pa shin tu bar ma

Chag tsal Ture jig pa chen mo
Du kyi po wa nam par jom ma
Chu kye zhal ni thro nyer den dze
Dra wo tham che ma lu sot ma

Chag tsal kon chog sum tson chag gyei
Sor mo thug kar nam par gyen ma
Ma lu chog kyi khor lo gyen pei
Rang gi ot kyi tsog nam thrug ma

Chag tsal tab tu ga wa jit pei
Wu gyen ot kyi threng wa pel ma
Zhe pa rab zhe Tuttārā yi
Du dang jig ten wang du dze ma

Chag tsal sa zhi kyong wei tsog nam
Tham che gug par nu pa nyi ma
Thro nyer yo wei yi ge Hūṃ gi
Phong pa tham che nam par drol ma

Chag tsal da wei dum bu wu gyen
Gyen pa tham che shin tu bar ma
Ral pei thro ne ot pag me le
Tag par shin tu ot rab dze ma

Chag tsal kal pa tha mei me tar
Bar wei threng wei wu na ne ma
Ye kyang yon kum kun ne kor gei
Dra yi pung ni nam par jom ma

Chag tsal sa zhi ngo la chag gi
Thil gyi nun ching zhab kyi dung ma
Thro nyer chen dze yi ge Hūṃ gi
Rim pa dun po nam ni gem ma

Chag tsal de ma ge ma zhi ma
Nya ngen de zhi chot yul nyi ma
Svāhā Oṃ dang yang dag den me
Dig pa chen po jom pa nyi ma

Chag tsal kun ne kor rab ga wei
Dra yi lu ni rab tu gen ma
Yi ge chu pei ngag ni kot pei
Rig pa Hūṃ le drol ma nyi ma

Chag tsal Ture zhab ni dab pe
Hūṃ gi nam pei sa bon nyit ma
Ri rab mandara dang big jit
Jig ten sum nam yo wa nyi ma

Chag tsal lha yi tso yi nam pei
Ri dag tag chen chag na nam ma
Tārā nyi Jo Phaṭ kyi yi ge
Dug nam ma lu par ni sel ma

Chag tsal lha yi tsog nam gyal po
Lha dang mi am chi yi ten ma
Kun ne go cha ga wei ji kyi
Tso dang mi lam ngen pa sel ma

Chag tsal nyi ma da wa gye pei
Chen nyi po la ot rab sal ma
Hara nyi jo Tuttāre yi
Shin tu drag poi rim ne sel ma

Chag tsal de nyi sum nam ko pe
Zhi wei thu dang yang dag den ma
Don dang ro lang no jin tsog nam
Jom pa Ture rab chog nyi ma

Tsa wei ngag kyi dot pa di dang
Chag tsal wa ni nyi shu tsa chig

Prostrations to revered, exalted Tārā!

Prostrations to Tara, to her who is swift and courageous, with eyes as quick as lightening, to her who sprang from the corolla of the Lord of the Three Worlds’ lotus face.

Prostrations to her whose face is fashioned of a hundred full moons of autumn, to her all aglow with the light of constellations of thousands of stars.

Prostrations to her whose hand is adorned by a gold-and-blue waterborn lotus, to her who herself is the arena of giving, diligence, vigor, peace, patience, and meditation.

Prostrations to her, the crown-knot of Tathāgatas, to her who has won out to infinite victory, to her whom the Sons of the Conqueror serve that have all perfections attained.

Prostrations to her who fills the realms of desire, direction, and space with the syllables TUTTĀRE and HŪṂ; to her whose feet tread upon the seven worlds, who is able to summon them all.

Prostrations to her whom Śakra, Agni, Brahmā, Vāyu, and Viśveśvara worship; before whom assemblies of demons, scent-eaters, zombies, and Yakṣas give praise.

Prostrations to her, who with TRAṬ and PHAṬ, totally defeats others’ evil designs; with her right leg curved and left outstretched, she tramples and rages forth flames.

Prostrations to TURE, to her, the great terror, who thoroughly strikes down bold demons; to her whose frowning lotus face deals destruction to every foe.

Prostrations to her whose fingers, in a gesture of showing the Three Jewels, adorn her heart well; to her whose array of her own light radiates, adorned by the circle of all directions.

Prostrations to her whose bright tiara of joy is enhanced by a garland of lights; laughing, laughing outright, with TUTTĀRĀ, demons and the world she subdues.

Prostrations to her who alone has the power to summon all the hosts of earthly protectors, who with the wrathful, moving letter HŪṂ, unfetters from all poverty.

Prostrations to her whose tiara is adorned by a crescent moon, whose every ornament shines; from amongst whose locks of hair lights ever beam forth from Amitābha.

Prostrations to her who dwells amid a garland of flames like the fire at an eon’s end; who with her left leg curved and her right outstretched, fells the besieging hosts of enemies.

Prostrations to her who presses Earth’s surface with the palm of her hand and stamps it with her foot; who, with the letter HŪṂ, angrily shatters the seven levels of the earth.

Prostrations to her, the blissful, virtuous, serene one, who indeed is the realm of Nirvana’s peace; by her perfect possession of OṂ and SVĀHĀ, she alone puts an end to great sin.

Prostrations to her who razes the bodies of the encircling foes of great joy, who alone sets free by the formulation of her ten-lettered mantra and HŪṂ.

Prostrations to her who stamps her feet, TURE, to become the nucleus of energy in the form of HŪṂ and causes to tremble the threefold world, Mount Meru, Mandāra, and Vindhaya.

Prostrations to her in whose hand a fauna-marked moon that is shaped like a lake of the gods, is held; through whose utterance of two TĀRĀs and PHAṬ all poisons are turned to nil.

Prostrations to her whom the kings of the gods, gods and kinnaras attend; by whose shield of joy’s shiningness quarrels and bad dreams are dispelled.

Prostrations to her whose two eyes, the sun and full moon, clear light diffuse; whose utterance of two HARAs, TUTTĀRA, sweeps away the most horrible plagues.

Prostrations to her who arrays reality’s three signs to own perfectly the power to render serene, who quells the multitude of demons, yakṣas and zombies, who alone is TURE, supreme.

This is the praise of the root mantra with twenty-one prostrations.