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Upcoming Auspicious Days

Parinirvana Day of Lopon Sonam Tsemo (1142-1182)

Anniversary of Jamgon Sakya Pandita (1182-1251) 

Parinirvana Day of Dogyon Chogyal Phagpa (1235-1280) 

*On auspicious days, merit from virtuous actions are multiplied by one hundred million. 

You can support Sakya Thupten Dargye Ling by becoming a member at the basic Membership level or as a Sponsor, by supporting our general fund, and/or by supporting our building fund. With your membership payments and sustained donations, Sakya Thupten Dhargye Ling will be able to continue bringing highly qualified teachers to Minnesota to provide authentic teachings and to serve spiritual needs of members and the wider community.

*We are a 501(c )(3) nonprofit organization; all contributions are tax deductible.

Membership—Levels & Benefits

Members offer annual dues of $35 per person or $55 per family. In appreciation, members receive the following benefits:

  • Annual Member Appreciation Dinner
  • Member Discount for Teachings
  • Special annual member prayers by His Holiness the Sakya Trizin.

Sponsorship—Levels & Benefits

Sponsors offer a monthly pledge of $10 or more per month, or $120 or more per year. In appreciation, sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Special monthly prayers by the sanghas at Tsechen Kunchab Ling.
  • All of the benefits of basic members.

General Donation

Make a tax-deductible donation in support of Sakya Thupten Dargye Ling general activities or building fund. Your donation may include special dedication or aspiration language.