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Introduction to the Buddhist Path: Part 1
by His Holiness Sakya Trizin

His Holiness Sakya Trizin, the head of the Sakya lineage, presents here the essential Buddhist teachings of the four noble truths, universal compassion, and the proper motivation for practice. Full of timeless wisdom, Freeing the Heart and Mind also contains an explanation of the teaching Matchless Compassion by the Indian saint Virupa, and a selection of commentaries on the essential teaching called Parting from the Four Attachments. Developed as the first volume in a course of study for students of the Sakya tradition, it nonetheless stands alone as an excellent entry into the teachings of the Buddha.   Freeing the Heart and Mind includes a full-color photo insert of Sakya lineage masters.  >More and to obtain your copy

Spontaneous Teachings
on Virupa’s Mystical Songs
By Lama Migmar Tseten

The Play of Mahamudra is a discourse on Virupa’s mystical songs. Virupa was one of the eighty-four mahasiddhas, or great accomplished masters.

These songs were sung by Virupa from his awakened state of enlightenment. For this reason these songs are a profound and poetic window into the indescribable state of the “mahamudra” the union of clarity and emptiness, wisdom and compassion.  >More and to order your copy


CURRENT TOPIC: The Tibetan Book of Awakening: Seven Steps to Joy and Wisdom by Lama Migmar Tseten Mangalamkosha Publications

Seven Steps to Joy and Wisdom
by Lama Migmar Tseten

The Tibetan Book of Awakening: Seven Steps to Joy and Wisdom presents the path to awakening in fresh modern language that captures the timeless essence of Tibetan Buddhism. Traditional Tibetan Buddhist teachings are presented here in such a way that allows the reader to immediately relate their own life experience to Buddhist teachings, no matter where they are on the path. Thus, this book is an invaluable resource for experienced Buddhist practitioners and newcomers alike.

These seven steps encapsulate the whole gamut of Buddhist practice and realization from beginning to end. If put into practice with sincerity and enthusiasm, the result will be a more open heart, a clearer perspective on one’s life and relationships, freedom from the vexing stress and strains confronting modern life, and ultimately, the attainment of joy and wisdom.  >More & to obtain your copy.

Click on the image or here to download this copy of the Seven-Fold Prayer (PDF)
The following table provides links to other major
publications and media resources relevant to the Sakya lineage:
Title Author/editor Publisher Vendor
Beautiful Ornament of the Three Visions (republished as Three Visions) Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub   Snow Lion
BODHISATTVACHARYAVATARA: Engagingin the Conduct of the Bodhisattvas , 2 v. Shantideva, with commentary by Sazang Mati Panchen, trans. by Lama Kalsang Gyaltsen and Ani Kunga Chodron   Snow Lion
Buddhist Response to the Climate Emergency Edited by John Stanley, David R. Loy, and Gyurme Dorje, Wisdom Wisdom
Chandragomin’s Twenty Verses on the Bodhisattva Vow Sakya Drakpa Gyaltsen Paljor Pub / BK Depository
Clear Differentiation of the Three Codes: Essential Distinctions Among the Individual Liberation, Great Vehicle, and Tantric Systems Sakya Pandita, Rhoton et al. SUNY Press Amazon
Dharma’s Gatekeepers: Sakya Pandita on Buddhist Scholarship in Tibet Gold, Jonathan C SUNY Press Amazon
Elegant Sayings: Nagarjuna’s Staff of Wisdom & Sakya Pandit’s Treasury of Elegant Sayings Nagarjuna and Sakya Pandita Dharma Publishers Amazon
Freedom from Extremes: Gorampa’s “Distinguishing the Views” and the Polemics of Emptiness Gorampa Sonam Senge, José I. Cabezón, Geshe Lobsang Dargyay Wisdom Wisdom
Freeing the Heart and Mind: Introduction to the Buddhist Path Sayka Trizen et al. Wisdom Wisdom
Hermit of Go Cliffs: Timeless Instructions of a Tibetan Mystic [Lam Dre lineage, non-Sakya] Stearns, Cyrus Wisdom Wisdom
History of the Sakya Tradition Choegye Trichen Thubten Legpa Gyatso XVIII Ganesha Pr., Bristol Amazon
Illuminations C: A Guide to Essential Buddhist Practices Sakya Pandita   Amazon
King of the Empty Plain: The Tibetan Iron-Bridge Builder Tangtong Gyalpo Stearns, Cyrus Tsadra/ Snow Lion
Luminous Lives: The Story of the Early Masters of the Lam ‘bras in Tibet Stearns, Cyrus Wisdom Wisdom
Meditation on the Nature of Mind Tenzin Gyatso HHDL XIV, Khonton Peljor Lhundrub and Jose Ignacio Cabezon Wisdom Wisdom
Nagarjuna’s Letter: Nagarjuna’s ‘Letter to a friend’, with a commentary by the Venerable Rendawa, Zhön-nu Lo-drö / Nagarjuna, Rendawa Shonnu Lodro Library of Tibetan Works & Archives  
Nagarjuna’s Letter To King Guatamiputra – With His Holiness Sakya Trizin Nagarjuna, Ven. Ngawang Samten Chophel, Peter Della Santina Motial Banarsidass Amazon
Ocean of Compassion: Meditation on Chenrezi Ngorchen Gönchok Hlundrup, His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya and Venerable Deshung Tulku Rinpoche Ganesha Pr. Amazon
Ordinary Wisdom: Sakya Pandita’s Treasury of Good Advice Sakya Pandita and John J. Davenport Wisdom Wisdom
Parting from the Four Attachments: A Commentary on Jetsyn Drakpa Gyaltsen’s Song of Experience on Mind Training and the View Choegye Trichen Thubten Legpa Gyatso XVIII Snow Lion Snow Lion
Princess in Land of Snows: The Life of Jamyang Sakya in Tibet Jamyang Sakya Shambhala Amazon
Rain of Clarity: The Stages of the Path in the Sakya Tradition Jampa Thaye Ganesha Pr., Bristol Wisdom
Sakya Lineage History (Paperback) Jamgon Amipa, Dakpa Kunga Sonam   Amazon
Taking the Result as the Path: Core Teachings of the Sakya Lamdre Tradition Stearns, Cyrus Library of Tibetan Classics/ Wisdom
TARA MANTRAS – CD Jamyang Sakya   Snow Lion
Teachings on Sakya Pandita’s Clarifying the Sage’s Intent Khenpo Appey Yonten Zangpo Vajra Publications Snow Lion
Three Levels of Spiritual Perception: A Commentary on the Three Visions, 2nd ed. Deshung Rinpoche Wisdom Wisdom
Three Visions: Fundamental Teachings of the Sakya Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism (orig. Beautiful Ornament) Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub, fore. by H.H. Sakya Trizin, trans. by Lobsang Dagpa and Jay Goldberg Snow Lion Snow Lion
Tibetan Lamas: 14th Dalai Lama, Jigdal Dagchen Sakya, Ogyen Trinley Dorje  Books LLC Jigdal Dagchen Sakya, Dalai Lama 14th, Ogyen Trinley Dorje (online compilation) Amazon
Treasures of the Sakya Lineage: Teachings from the Masters Migmar Tseten and H. H. Sakya Trizin Shambhala Amazon
Visions, Volume 1 (v. 1) by Jetsun Rinpoche Dragpa Gyalsten, Khenpo Appey Rinpoche and His Holiness Sakya Trizin Jetsun Rinpoche Dragpa Gyalsten, Khenpo Appey Rinpoche and His Holiness Sakya Trizin   Amazon
Waterdrop from the glorious sea: A concise account of the advent of Buddhism in general and the teachings of the Sakyapa tradition in particular Amipa, Sherab Gyaltsen Tibetan Institute  
What Makes You Not a Buddhist Jamyang Khyentse Snow Lion Snow Lion